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IP access


2N new IP access control system offers comprehensive solution for access control with all modern functions as NFC or Mifare and benefits arising from using IP infrastructure. It is designed for all types of companies with needs to use professional control and attendance system. Users don’t have to waste time and money on long installations or complicated set-up. In addition, together with our portfolio of IP intercoms, the 2N access system is an ideal access control solution for any company.


Access Unit

Access software

  • IP access system is cheaper than traditional analog access systems

  • You connect it to the LAN network and save the cost for cables because us use only Ethernet cable

  • It is easy to operate - you don’t need any specially trained technical team for set up

  • It supports NFC , 125kHZ or 13,5 MHz frequences

2N Access Unit

IP access control


IP RFID and NFC reader, the 2N® Access Unit, combines all standardly used equipment - such as conventional readers, door controllers and IP converters into a single device. This makes both installation and operation of the access system as simple and low-cost as possible.



  • Access commander Software provides attendance information

  • Users are getting different level of access Admin, Manager , User

  • Bulk settup for all units in the network

  • Manage not only Access unit but also IP Helios Intercoms

2N Access commander
Attendance software


2N® Access Commander is software for management of Access units and IP intercoms and autonomous readers from 2N, which also includes an attendance system module. It is installed on a virtual server and the application is thus available via a web browser over cloud (online). It supports mobile applications. 2N® Access Commander is easy to installation and control. It is designed for customers who want to manage their access system and record attendance of employees.

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