GSM thermometer with web portal, e-mail and SMS alarms


Ares 12 is a cost-effective GSM thermometer for remote monitoring and alarming. Connect up to 14 external sensors (temperature, humidity, light intensity, ...) and 2 contacts (digital detectors). Use the free-of-charge SensDesk.com portal to configure the Ares, send alarms or display graphs. Ares 12 GSM/GPRS thermometer is easy to install and can be used anywhere as long as there is GSM coverage.


Applications and usage examples

  • Remote temperature monitoring over GSM, temperature and humidity meter

  • Electricity distribution networks (transformer stations)

  • Water source monitoring, including technical equipment status

  • Agricultural production premises (greenhouses, granaries, etc.)

  • Concrete hardening

  • Road, highway, railroad technology

  • Temperature and thermal expansion of structures

  • Information systems (booths)

  • Diesel generators – environment monitoring

  • Wireless temperature monitoring system for telecommunication infrastructure

  • Remote server room monitoring without connecting to the local LAN

  • Automatic teller machines – environment monitoring without tampering with the ATM connection




Wire UNI

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Light intensity

  • 0-30A AC

  • Water flood

  • 0-60V DC

  • 0-20mA

  • Pt100 / Pt1000

Digital inputs

  • Smoke detector

  • 110/230V power detector

  • Air flow detector

  • Motion detector (PIR)

  • Water leak detector (1D)

  • Vibration detector

  • Open door detector

  • Gas leak detector

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