​125 kHz or 13.56 MHz with NFC


2N IP Access Unit

The unique 2N® Access Unit is based purely on IP technology. It combines the functions of a traditional controller with the functions of end access equipment.  Its characteristic design is striking, also being attractive thanks to simple installation and configuration. Naturally, it can also be connected to 2N Helios IP intercoms, gaining you a comprehensive access system solution which you can manage easily via 2N® Access Commander.


Standalone access unit with RFID card reader ensuring building access control, with support for various types of RFID cards, chips, and other media using 125kHz or 13.56MHz frequencies. The 13.56MHz reader version also supports NFC technology.

• Combination of controller and RFID reader in one device

• Pure IP access system solution

• Door opening via smartphone (with NFC support)