DATA Centres and server room monitoring

​Temperature, Power, Water, Access, Air, Smoke, Motion

Data centers and server rooms are one of the most critical and vulnerable parts of every company. A simple overheating issue can degrade application performance for the end-users. Not to mention critical damage by heat, water leaks, and fire.
We offer a simple and easy to install solution – HW group IoT devices and the SensDesk portal.
SensDesk offers you different user and administration levels and tools for mass operations making it robust and convenient even for large installations.
Thanks to SensDesk's reports, graphs, and alarms you always know where the problem is. Technicians can receive alarms in real-time, drill down to the exact issue and start troubleshooting before the end-user experiences any impact.
Remote monitoring
Temperature, humidity, power consumption, intrusion, water detection, and many more
Event alerts
Get alarms over SMS or e-mail and be sure you can respond to the event in time
Reports and graphs
Generate automatic reports and access data history with just a click.
Remote output control
Use conditions to automatically respond to alarms or control outputs manually.


User-friendly and reliable
Easy for home users, robust, customizable and scalable for business.

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