Hallway Entrance

Visitor Management
& Access Control Solution

With QR Code Credentials, ID and Drivers License Scanning, Numberplate Recognition & Health/Safety Screening.

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We provide EvTRack physical access control software and hardware solution for control access control to building, cars entering parking space and private areas.


It includes devices for data capture, ID verification and access control,

as well as IP RFID card readers, QR code readers, number plate recognition cameras and self service kiosks.

ID, Drivers license & passport scanning
In order to speed up the visitor processing and provide accurate data capture we support the scanning of a variety of identification types which can also be used as a form of access control credential.
QR Code Access control
These are supported as temporary credentials generated by EvTrack web or EvTrack client. QR code badges can also be created for contractors, residents or employees.
An important function as double verification measure for visitors, a notification can be sent to the host via email, SMS or push notification which needs to be approved or denied by the host before access will be granted. A photo is included allowing the host to verify the visitor



Temperature Screening
As part of our health/safety screening and data catpure, EvTrack Guard enables the capture of surface temperature screening measurements either manually through a field input or automatically when used with the Z-Thermo-Mini USB Thermometer.
Vehicle ANPR / LPR
ANPR (Automatic Numberplate Recognition is supported by EvTrack Guard as a data capture tool or as an access control credential to open a vehicle boom or vehicle gate through the handheld device.

Visitor Access Control & Screening App

Easily Manage Your Employees, Visitors & Contractors

System Dashboard
Visitor & personnel pages
Live logbook
System setting

Public Registration Form

Pre-register card holders, contractors, personnel and system users via a customised public registration form link. Individuals can upload names, IDs, organisations and photos for easy system registration.

Database Import Function

The import function allows existing users to be imported into EvTrack using a .CSV file or 2N XML file. This is applicable to both the personnel and the user database and can be applied to particular access control lists.

Watchlist or Banned Lists

Special watch lists can be created for both individuals or for vehicles. This allows system administrators to block certain individuals or vehicles from gaining access to a site either as a visitor or as an employee.

Configurable Access Control Points

Multiple access control points can be created with configurable access control groups, as well as access control schedules. 

Invitation & Host Notification Messages

Various customised messages can be created using EvTrack’s html web interface. This includes those found on invitations as well as host notifications on a visitor arriving or leaving a site. 

Exportable Reports

Visitor, access control, time/attendance and system event reports can all be exported in either pdf or excel formats. Exception reports are also available when using our health/safety screening forms. 

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