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10" IP intercom


Exclusive multi-apartment IP Intercom BAS-IP AA-14FB entrance panel for the villas, MDU and office access control projects. The new panel will welcome visitors with its  set of unique functions.

The panel supports automatic face recognition and UKEY mobile access. An open API has been developed for integrations with third-party systems.


  • Automatic face recognition
  • UKEY - Unified Key Management
  • Phone book
  • Integration with Third party systems
  • 10” touch screen
  • Concierge calling
  • Calling the lift to the floor
  • Easy to set up
  • Working temperature -40 - +65 °С

Massive 10inch

touch display

The 10-inch TFT face recognition display with backlight and heating allows to display information about the called visitor, but also to load their avatar. When a visitor calls, it is possible to show advertisements and concierge messages. The screen operates fine in temperature conditions from -40 °C to +65 °C.
Also additionally install a weather widget and display information about the location of the house.
Keypad for opening the doors over PIN code
Phone book with names of residents or name of offices
Company introduction or just residential complex messages, show ads, videos with sounds, HTML content to notify users or inform visitors
Personalized call buttons - concierge, security, administration, assistance, help desk,
Lift calling - after the doors has been opened for visitors, the lift numbers is displayed on the screen of the call panel, which will take you to the desired floor
Touch buttons on the display of the entrance panel have an almost unlimited resource of clicks, unlike mechanical buttons, which always have a limited resource. They are also convenient to use for both children and adults.
Remote add faces - A resident can send their photo to the administrator and he or she will remotely add the photo to the desired panel.



UKEY Mobile Access

The panel supports UKEY mobile access, which allows you to open the door using your smartphone. At the same time, you can use conventional keychain or access cards.
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