GSM GATEWAY for call centers

2N StarGate

modular 2-32 voice channel bank with 128 SIM cards

2N® StarGate is a GSM/UMTS gateway designed for the Call Centers usage where helping to increase significantly number of the successful calls to customers and allowing to reduce the cost of phone calls. ​It has a broad range of progressive features, such as a savings algorithm, a DialThru mode and a CallBack services.
The Stargate can be connected by using two different ports - PRI (E1) or VoIP SIP. Both interfaces can work even together. The gateway is equipped by 128 SIM cards that are located on 16 modules with GSM /UMTS modules. It means each GSM/UMTS module consists 4 SIM card slot. These SIM cards can be rotated base on the time, credit or randomly.
The gateway works with automated dialers and cab be connected to any PBX system with PRI ( E1) or VoIP port. It supports SIP protocol.

2N Stargate GSM/UMTS gateway 128SIMs

2N Stargate GSM/UMTS  gateway includes up to 32 GSM channels and 128 SIM cards (4 SIMs slot per GSM module)
2N Bluetower GSM/UMTS gateway  is a smaller alternative of 2N Stargate GSM/UMTS gateway includes up to 8  GSM channels and 64 SIM cards (4 SIMs slot per GSM module)

Features & Benefits

SIP VOIP and ISDN PRI ( E1) interface
enable to connect any PBX and dialler
2-32 channels modular gateway
you can adding the voice channels according the number of simultaneous calls
128 SIM cards for offer rotation
SIM card rotation increase the succesful call ration of every call center
SNMP monitoring
Administrator can be informed by alerts about status of the gateway
GSM or UMTS network support
Possible to use in any network
LCR – Least Cost Routing
The sophisticate LCR algorithm choose the right SIM card and safe the cost
DialThru mode
In DialThru mode you save ports on your PBX and easily connect with mobile and fixed networks at the same time.
Configuration via Web interface
administer the gateway remotely via any Web browser.

Gateways and accessories

Technical Parameters

VoIP Signalling: SIP up to 64 calls
DTMF: RFC2833, in-band # of voice channels: 30+2
Codecs: G.711 PCM A-law/u-law, G.729 Annex A CS-ACELP, G.723.1 MP-MLQ/ACELP
GSM/UMTS # of channels: 2-32 (in steps of 2)
Supported frequencies: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, UMTS 800/850/900/AWS1700/1900/2100MHz
GSM/UMTS modules: Cinterion MC55i-w, Telit GE910, Telit HE910-EUR, Telit HE910-NAR
PRI ISDN Number of ports: 1xNT and 1xTE
PRI ISDN signalling: EDSS1 (Q.931)
Communications Protocols: TCP, UDP, IP, RTP, TELNET, HTTP, FTP, SNMP, POP3/SMTP, SMPP
Connector types: LAN 100Base-T, RJ45, 1x RS232
Administration method: AT commands, Web interface
Power source Power: 100-240V, 50-69Hz
Other Operating humidity: 10-95% (non-condensing)
Dimensions: 482x133x360mm (84HPx3Ux360mm)
Recommendation: Air conditioned rooms, Back-up power source

Connection diagram - how to use the gateway

Option A) Call center connection diagram
The STARGATE GSM gateway can be connected to any PBX or Voice dialer with the  SIP VoIP trunk or PRI ISDN Q.931signalling. The main benefit for call center is a rotation of the SIM cards and increasing SuccessfulCallRatio (SCR). 
Option B)  The fix line replacement
The STARGATE GSM gateway can fully supply the ISDN PRI lines by using 32 GSM modules. It can be used in any location with GSM or UMTS signal
Option C)  SMS bulk messages gateway
The STARGATE GSM gateway can send a bulk SMS messages. Excellent solution for the call center notifications. The call centers can follow the GDPR rules and keep all data of clients in bank secure databse. No need to share with Mobile operators databases. Very important for security of customers!