GSM & UMTS  Gateways

Telecommunication systems for effective corporate communication

One - Channel (1 SIM ) GSM/UMTS Gateways with GSM FAX

2N®  single-channel analogue GSM / UMTS gateway suited not only for calls, but also for data, fax or SMS text messages. It is a solution based on mobile network used for a fixed line replacement. Compared with 2N® EasyGate, it can also be equipped with battery backup. This makes it especially suitable for environments requiring resistance against power outages.

VoIP GSM gateway with 2 or 4 channels

The 2N® gateway will bring you a significant reduction in the cost of calls to mobile networks, while being compatible with a wide range of IP PBXs. Thanks to its web-based interface you will configure it easily in a few moments. You will also appreciate its innovative features, such as a powerful savings algorithm, the CallBack service or the 2N® Mobility Extension.

GSM/UMTS/VoIP gateway for up to 30 concurrent calls designed for call centers

2N® StarGate is a GSM/UMTS gateway designed for the Call Centers usage where helping to increase significantly number of the successful calls to customers and allowing to reduce the cost of phone calls. ​It has a broad range of progressive features, such as a savings algorithm, a DialThru mode and a CallBack services.

GSM/UMTS/VoIP gateway for up to 8 concurrent calls

The 2N® BlueTower GSM/UMTS gateway is an effective communication tool for direct marketing. It can significantly reduce the cost of phone calls and lets you reach out to customers and business partners. In addition, you gain a number of progressive features, such as the savings algorithm, DialThru mode, or the CallBack service.




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