Remote sensor monitoring over LAN



Poseidon2 3266 is a basic device for remote reading (monitoring) of sensors over the network. It measures temperature, voltage, and states of dry contacts (digital inputs) and other external sensors. It sends e-mail alerts to values out of a specified range, or connects to an environment monitoring system. Supports M2M protocols – SNMP (SNMPv3), Modbus/TCP, XML, and the Sensdesk.com online portal.


Applications and usage examples

  • Poseidon2 sends an e-mail if a temperature is too high or a door is open (a dry contact connected to a digital input is closed). It can also monitor power supply status, smoke detectors, and the environment.

  • Poseidon2 3266 is suitable as a remote monitoring system for servers and technology rooms. Measure remotely with Pt-100 and other temperature and humidity sensors. 

  • A frequent application is a remote environment monitoring system. 
    It is easy to connect smoke detectors, water leak detectors, PIR motion sensors, etc. They are powered from the Poseidon2 3266 unit. 




Wire UNI

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Light intensity

  • 0-30A AC

  • Water flood

  • 0-60V DC

  • 0-20mA

  • Pt100 / Pt1000

Digital inputs

  • Smoke detector

  • 110/230V power detector

  • Air flow detector

  • Motion detector (PIR)

  • Water leak detector (1D)

  • Vibration detector

  • Open door detector

  • Gas leak detector

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