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SUCCESS STORY: No more lost keys in Jaguar Land Rover!


The best access control system that combines modern funcionality, luxury design and high quality materials for a car showroom with a service centre, an outdoor sales area (4,000 m2), several buildings and over 100 employees.

"Apart from design and reliability, our main requirements for the new access control system

included convenience of use for our employees. In the past, we experienced problems with

loss of cards, so we were looking for a solution which could eliminate this situation. This is why we decided to use the 2N solution, which let us transition to brand new WaveKey technology."

Karel Stolejda, CEO and owner of Albion Cars s.r.o


Employees use a smartphone to gain access to individual buildings. As soon as their mobile device is synchronised, they simply hold it near the module next to the door. Receptionists can monitor the main entrances remotely, check visitors and subsequently open doors


Are you looking for a special door entry solution for you?

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