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TRANSFORM a regular ELEVATOR in modern IP solution.

The 2N® LiftGate IoT gateway will transform a regular elevator into a modern IP solution for the 21st century.

"You needn’t worry if there’s a UTP cable in the elevator.

IP connectivity in the elevator is secured using 2 wires in the travelling cable."

2N® LiftGate combines the functions of an LTE router, a backup power supply, a converter (2-wire to IP) and a switch all in one unit.

Install just 1 product instead of 4 and save time and money!

Main features:

  • IP connectivity over 2-wire

  • Backup power supply

  • All in one IoT device

Perfect together with 2N® ELEVATOR CENTER

The 2N® Elevator Center gives you non-stop control over all installed elevator devices without any IT skills.


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