2N Access Unit - 13.56MHz cards NFC ready
  • 2N Access Unit - 13.56MHz cards NFC ready

    The IP based Access control combines the functions of a traditional controller with the functions of end access equipment.  The unit is available in versions with keypad, RFID card reader, fingerprint reader, or Bluetooth. Supports RFID card reader (125kHz; 13.56MHz)

    RFID card reader

    Frequency: 13.56MHz

    Supported 13.56 MHz cards (only the serial number of the card is read): ISO14443A: Mifare Classic 1k & 4k, DESFire EV1, Mini, Plus S&X, SmartMX, Ultralight, Ultralight C, SLE44R35, my-d move (SLE66Rxx), PayPass, Legic Advant - ISO14443B: Calypso, CEPAS, Moneo, SRI512, SRT512, SRI4K, SRIX4K, PicoPass, HID iCLASS - Supported NFC devices: Smart-phones with NFC and support for HCE (Host Card Emulation), Android version 4.3 and above


    Order Number:   916010 - 2N® Access Unit -13.56MHz cards NFC ready







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