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    2N® VoiceBlue Next


    The 2N® VoiceBlue Next VoIP gateway will bring you a significant reduction in the cost of calls to mobile networks, while being compatible with a wide range of IP PBXs. Thanks to its web-based interface you will configure it easily in a few moments. You will also appreciate its innovative features, such as a powerful savings algorithm, the CallBack service or the 2N® Mobility Extension.

    • Compatible with any IP PBX
    • Never miss an important call again
    • An effective SMS solution



    Features & Benefits


    • Compatible with any IP PBX
      Take advantage of its simple integration with a wide range of IP PBXs. You’ll bring down the cost of calls made to GSM and UMTS networks.
    • An effective SMS solution
      Use the gateway to send and receive SMS test messages, all from the comfort of your mailbox thanks to the Email2SMS feature.
    • SMS at no answer
      In the event of a missed call, the person sought receives a text message with the caller’s contact details.
    • CallBack
      The CallBack service eliminates expensive charges for outgoing roaming calls when abroad. It delivers cost savings of up to 70% .
    • PoE power supply
      Thanks to the PoE power supply you connect 2N® Next VoiceBlue with just a single cable. Moreover, you’ll save the cost of additional wiring, having a data and power supply cable in one.
    • Never miss an important call again
      Thanks to the 2N® Mobility Extension service your mobile phone fully replaces your office fixed line. Whenever a call is coming in it rings at the same time.
    • LCR – Least Cost Routing
      The LCR algorithm always picks the cheapest route for outgoing calls, using the most economical SIM card for the connection.
    • Email2SMS
      This feature allows you to easily send and receive large volumes of short text messages, fully integrated with your business system.
    • Configuration and SMS via Web interface
      You can administer the gateway remotely via any web browser. You also get a tool for sending SMS messages.








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