• BAS IP SH-46T

    BAS IP SH-46T

    Touch-free doorbell


    Stylish contactless doorbell with the option to individually engrave a name or logo. For both outdoor and indoor installation.



    Easy replacement for AV-04FD entrance panel


    Due to using the same size flush-mounting bracket, if necessary, the SH-46T contactless doorbell  can be replaced with either the BAS-IP AV-04FD or BAS-IP AV-04AFD panel.


    Contactless technology

    Contactless access is an in-demand trend. In addition to providing convenience for guests, having a contactless doorbell prevents the spread of germs and bacteria, which is very important in the modern world! 


    Flush mounting

    Doorbell BAS-IP SH-46T is specially designed for flush mounting. 

    The doorbell front panel is housed in an aluminium case with a thickness of only 2mm, which will give your exterior a modern and elegant look.


    Individual engraving

    On the front panel of the doorbell, there is space for the apartment number, name, or company logo for identification. 

    This gives the SH-46T an advantage for use in almost any place: apartments, shopping centres, factories, and urban infrastructure.



    Aluminium case

    The SH-46T is a simple solution with a robust case and a modern design. The model is made in silver and black. It is also possible to order doorbells in your required colour. 

    Due to their ease of use, reliable design, and attractive appearance, contactless BAS-IP SH-46T doorbells are installed at apartment doors, as elevator call buttons, in hotels near the entrance to rooms, as well as to compliment already installed BAS-IP devices – as additional call buttons.








    EAN-5060514913789 (black)
    EAN-5060514913796 (silver)







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