Free online portal for LAN and GSM sensors monitoring 


HW group s.r.o. produces LAN and GSM sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, energy consumption, and more. HW group is the first producer of “LAN and GSM monitoring” products to offer a free online portal to its customers. The www.SensDesk.com online service displays and processes online readings from sensors by HW group.



Applications and usage examples

  • Air-conditioning monitoring: Monitoring air-conditioning units for IT equipment 

  • Remote environment monitoring in IT: Power supply status, UPS, temperature and humidity monitoring, access control

  • Remote monitoring of technology / machinery: Status overview for all machinery and related equipment 

  • Construction technology: Remote monitoring of concrete hardening, wood drying or other processes

  • Energy: Remote monitoring of diesel-generator status over GSM / energy consumption monitoring at multiple sites

  • Medicine: Temperature monitoring in refrigerators


SensDesk Mobile for iPhone & Android


User account status can be monitored with the SensDesk Mobile app.

  • The app remembers your username and password.

  • With a single click, you can see an overview of sensors in Alarm state.

  • Sensor list can be ordered by device or sensor name.

  • Displayed sensors can be filtered by device group.

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