Wavekey new access control solution

Mobile access made reliable

What is


The new WaveKey technology differentiates stationary and moving mobile devices, only allowing signals coming towards the door entry.
You need 2N Bluetooth reader ( Bluetooth/ RFID or Bluetooth ) - based access control readers or 2N intercoms + app installed in your mobile phone. The WaveKey provides up to 4 modes for control - Touch, Tap in App, Wave, Card.
Wave … wireless signal that allow the technology to function – carry the information
Wave … evokes the fluidity – access is unhindered and smooth
Key … tool that opens locked doors – allows entry


  • Best-in-class reliability
  • The fastest on the market
  • Unwanted door opening solved
  • Bulletproof security
  • Frictionless distribution
  • Credentials for Free

4 different modes

  • Touch

  • Wave

  • Card

  • Tap in APP

Touch mode 
ensures absolute convenience. Users only touch the reader with their hand or elbow and leave their phone in their pocket.
Contactless Tap in app mode
offers greater security
Users must disable any lock screen, and open the door via a virtual button in the app. This is also an ideal way to open the exit gate from a car park while sitting in the car.

Motion mode
is completely contactless. All you have to do is approach the video intercom with the phone in your pocket or wave your hand over its camera and the door will open.

The last option is Card mode. The phone works as a card, and the user has to place it right next to the reader. This is similar to the popular NFC technology, but with WaveKey, it works with Android and iOS phones.