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2N Certified Installer Program

Want to stand out from the competition? Grow your business and sales network by becoming a 2N Certified Installer!


What is the Certified Installer Program?


The “Certified Installer Program” (CIP) is designed to officially certify installers and system integrators in the efficient installation and configuration of 2N products – and allow them to build their sales network in the process. Installers who undergo the training will become Certified Installer Program Partners and enter a mutually beneficial partnership with an access industry leader.

There are 2 levels of partnership: Certified and Certified Elite. Each of them with different benefits and requirements.

This program is only for EMEA partners.

What are the benefits of becoming a 2N CIP Partner?

Put simply - you’ll stand out from your competition and be a part of a prestigious global network of highly skilled 2N installers equipped with expert knowledge and confidence. You’ll also enjoy a host of sales, marketing, and technical benefits such as

  • Get leads from 2N

  • Get direct and prioritized technical support

  • Be listed as a 2N Certified Partner on our website

  • Get discounts on demo kits

  • And much more!

See complete list of benefits in the below table.


How to become a CIP partner of 2N?

The process needs to complete two trainings. One technical, at 2N Academy, and one commercial/sales related.

About the technical trainings:

  • For being Certified, 2 technicians of the installer or System Integrator company will have to obtain the 2N Academy BASIC certificate. This process consists of completing the 2N BASIC courses and passing the corresponding test.

  • For being Elite, 4 technicians of the installer or System Integrator company will have to obtain the 2N Academy BASIC certificate + 2N Academy ADVANCED certificate. Again, both certificates require following the courses and passing the tests.

As for the commercial/sales training, it will be given by 2N Sales team and consist of getting familiar with 2N market approach, sales tools, product portfolio and solutions


Are you ready to grow your business with 2N?

Become a 2N Certified Installer!



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