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Apartment Building

IP Access Control 

Secure every room reliably with an access control proximity reader. Our IP solution meet the needs of every customer and create the perfect IP door access control system for any project imaginable.



Dozens of readers, hundreds of users, zones with varying degrees of security… Set all this up using a single software that absolutely anyone can operate.

  • Centralised device management

  • Logs and notifications

  • Multi-company sites

Controller and reader in one

Speed up installation time - you only need 1 device for 1 door.

Combine technologies

Bluetooth, RFID, PIN and fingerprint access control. Choose one, or combine them all in a single reader.

Be cybersecure

Don’t underestimate cyber threats. Rely on products made in Europe.

Truly modern mobile access

Offer your customers the future of ip access control systems technology

Hassle-free IP networks

Save on cabling. Connect readers to the network that’s already been laid in new buildings.

Administer the system in bulk

You’ll save a lot of time and delegate routine activities directly to the customer.

What Our Clients Say

Apartment Building

Jan Sellner, SUDOP Invest

"Our priority was to provide an innovative and secure access control system that met our strict selection criteria. In the selection process, we focused on luxury design to match the ¨modern look of the Churchill Residence, product reliability, and the options to link the entire access control system with other systems."
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