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2N CLIP - The Powerfull of IP for every home

Discover our latest product launch: an indoor station designed to bring powerful IP video to mid-range residential projects.

Our new, compact indoor station brings you the convenience and safety of IP video, good design, and the reliable performance you expect from 2N, all without the hefty price tag. So, what exactly does the 2N® Clip feature?

Elevated Security thanks to IP Video

Giving residents high-quality IP video communication will make them feel safer accepting visitors, and it makes the building’s access more secure. Upgrade your security game by avoiding blurry videos from outdated analogue units! The IP video the 2N® Clip supports meets the market’s standards, ensuring a more secure living environment.

Seamless part of the 2N Ecosystem

And here's the best part - it seamlessly fits into the 2N ecosystem. Running on the powerful and reliable 2N OS, the 2N® Clip indoor station can be easily managed and configured through the My2N Management Platform. Say goodbye to complicated installations and hello to convenience.

Effortless Installation in Just 3 Minutes!

Speaking of installation, get ready to be amazed. In just three minutes, you can have the 2N® Clip up and running! Just drill in two screws and 'clip' it to the wall - it's that simple. This is hands down the fastest indoor station installation on the market!

Choose from desk or wall installation

Can’t drill into a wall? No worries, the 2N® Clip can come with a desk stand accessory that will enable you to place it on a shelf or table. The stand is made in the same colour as the indoor station which ensures a clean, cohesive look.

Support for Doorbell Buttons

Say goodbye to additional electronics and save money on a traditional doorbell. Just connect the doorbell button directly to the 2N® Clip and you're good to go.

Assistance for the Hearing-Impaired

We understand the importance of accessibility, particularly in markets where meeting the needs of the hearing impaired is mandatory. This is why, from Q2 2024, the 2N® Clip will be available in a version that includes a built-in induction loop. Stay tuned!

Streamlined Decision-Making and Faster Project Completion

With the 2N® Clip, making decisions and completing projects has never been easier. Enjoy the simplicity of one colour, only two product variants (with and without an induction loop), and no need for additional accessories for conventional wall installation.

Tech Corner

There are three important technical pieces of information you should know about the 2N® Clip:

  • The only way to supply power to the product is via PoE

  • The 2N® Clip is controlled by 3 capacitive buttons

  • The display of the product is 4.3″ with a resolution of 480x272 pixels

Order numbers

Want to place your order right away? Here are the ordering numbers:

2N® Clip, Ethernet9138511

2N® Clip, Ethernet, Induction Loop9138512 (available in Q2 2024)

2N Clip Desk Stand 9138002


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