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2N® Access Commander


The nerve centre of our access control solution is 2N® Access Commander. Use it for managing access to the building and monitoring the status of access control units in real time. Its intuitive user interface lets you set up the system quickly and delegate everyday activities directly to the customer.


  • Centralised device management
  • Logs and notifications
  • Multi-company site


Features & Benefits
Update firmware in bulk and in a few clicks. It ensures optimal performance and security of devices. Plus you can see immediately if devices are all online and check their door states.
Respond more effectively to designated events thanks to instant alerts by email or in the notification channel. Get the full picture with camera logs offering snapshots surrounding chosen events.
Admins may control the whole site whilst managers may be granted set privileges in their own company. This makes 2N® Access Commander an ideal solution for buildings with several companies.
Mobile access control, powered by WaveKey, is fully integrated in the software. No separate reader programming tools, no need to use a 3rd party mobile credential gateway and best of all, no charge for credentials.
2N® Access Commander offers native attendance monitoring features. Track user attendance, view reports in the software and export records to PDF or CSV.
Easily onboard visitors, granting time-limited access to the areas you choose. Issue credentials remotely for self-serve access and maintain an audit trail for compliance.
A REST API offers endless integration possibilities. LDAP support and custom mappings streamline workflow with user directories. CSV sync provides low level integration with simpler systems.
Tighten security and enforce access policy compliance with the Anti-passback function. Restrict how many people are allowed in an area with Occupancy Management.


Technical Parameters
Distribution:    The 2N® Access Commander is distributed as an image for server installation (2N® Access Commander Virtual Machine) or as a software pre-installed on mini-PC (2N® Access Commander Box).
2N® Access Commander Virtual Machine
Introduction:    The 2N® Access Commander is an access control software distributed as a complete package in the .OVA format. It is intended to be imported into the virtual systems such as Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMware (v6.5) or Microsoft Hyper-V.
The server should be up and running 24/7 as it records all logs from connected 2N devices.
Example of HW requirements:    Below are the minimum suggested requirements for an installation of up to 500 devices (2N IP intercoms and access units) connected to the 2N® Access Commander and 7,000 users.
Operating system:    any 64-bit system (Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris)
CPU:    2 GHz & 2 cores (64-bit)
RAM:    2 GB
Internet connectivity:    needed for the software upgrade (512 kbps at least)
2N® Access Commander Box
Introduction:    The 2N® Access Commander Box is an access control software pre-installed on an ultra-compact, small and powerful computer.
Dimension:    56.1 x 107.6 x 114.4 mm (0.69 L)
CPU:    2.24 GHz (Intel® Celeron® Processor J3160)
Hard drive:    120 GB (2.5” SSD SATA III)
RAM:    4 GB (DDR3 SODIMM memory)
Connectors:    VGA and HDMI Gigabit LAN port
Mounting:    VESA mounting bracket
Operating temperature:    0°C to +35°C
Storage temperature:    -20°C to +60°C
Connected devices:    500
Users:    7,000
Users per group:    1,500
Supported browsers
Optimized for:    Google Chrome browser (version 60 and higher)
Other supported browsers:    Mozilla Firefox (version 55 or higher), Microsoft Edge (version 40 and higher)
As other browsers have not been fully tested, their full functionality cannot be guaranteed

2N® Access Commander

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