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2N® IP Verso

The 2N® IP Verso is a luxurious modular IP intercom designed for reliable access control and seamless integration with other systems. 

Here are some key features of the 2N® IP Verso:

  1. Modularity:

  • The 2N® IP Verso is highly configurable to meet your specific needs.

  • You can choose from various modules, accessories, and configurable functions.

  • Available in both nickel and black finishes.

  1. Cutting-Edge Mobile Access Control:

  • Utilize WaveKey, their Bluetooth access control technology, for speed and convenience.

  • Forget about distributing keys and RFID cards; WaveKey simplifies access.

  1. Touchscreen:

  • Create an intuitive contact list similar to your mobile phone.

  • The touchscreen is water-resistant, vandal-resistant, and easy to read even in direct sunlight.

  1. Fingerprint Reader:

  • Enhance access security with a modern, secure, and reliable fingerprint reader.

  • Combines functionality with luxury design.

  1. Camera with Night Vision:

  • Monitor visitors even in total darkness.

  • The camera is discreetly hidden from view, ensuring effective surveillance.

  1. SIP Support with No Server Needed:

  • Easily link the intercom with IP phones and PBX from other producers without connecting to a server.

  1. Security Relay:

  • Detect unauthorized manipulation of the electronic locking system to prevent intrusion.

  1. Integration to Security Systems:

  2. Seamlessly link the intercom to existing security systems for increased site security.

  3. External Camera:

  4. Connect an external IP camera to cover blind spots.

  5. Trouble-Free Installation: The 2N® IP Verso combines functionality, security, and luxury design for a comprehensive door communication and access control solution.

  • Intuitive installation, even for users with basic IT knowledge.


The Verso supports new innovative mobile access control technology developed called 2N Wavekey.

WaveKey is a technology that lets you open doors using your mobile phone. It’s fast, secure. WaveKey combines speed, convenience, and robust security for reliable mobile access control.

WaveKey is designed with security in mind. Here’s why it’s secure:

  1. Encryption:

  • WaveKey uses strong encryption techniques to protect communication between your mobile phone and the access control system.

  • AES-128 and RSA-1024 encryption ensure that your access credentials remain confidential.

  1. Unique Communication Layer:

  • While it builds on an open Bluetooth protocol, WaveKey adds its own secure communication layer.

  • This layer prevents eavesdropping and unauthorized access attempts.

  1. No Personal Data Stored on the Reader:

  • Unlike some other systems, WaveKey doesn’t store personal data (such as your name or phone number) on the reader.

  • Your privacy is maintained.

  1. Adaptive Algorithms:

  • WaveKey analyzes the trend of signal strength from your phone.

  • It determines whether you’re sitting at your desk, approaching the door, or moving away.

  • Phones lying on a table won’t trigger unintended door openings.

  1. Mobile Phone as the Key:

  • Your mobile phone acts as the key, eliminating the need for physical cards or fobs.

  • Phones are harder to lose or steal compared to traditional access cards.


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