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Become 2N CIP Partner

Want to stand out from the competition?

Grow your business and sales network by becoming a 2N Certified Installer!

What is the Certified Installer Program?

The “Certified Installer Program” (CIP) is designed to officially certify installers and system integrators in the efficient installation and configuration of 2N products – and allow them to build their sales network in the process.

What are the benefits of becoming a 2N CIP Partner?

Put simply - you’ll stand out from your competition and be a part of a prestigious global network of highly skilled 2N installers equipped with expert knowledge and confidence. You’ll also enjoy a host of sales, marketing, and technical benefits such as:

  • Get leads from 2N

  • Get direct and prioritized technical support

  • Be listed as a 2N Certified Partner on our website

  • Get discounts on demo kits

  • And much more!


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