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  • Michelle

DESIGN your own graphical interface for INTERCOM

Do you want a unique icon for couriers on the intercom display? Or perhaps you require a pink interface?

Whatever they need, the new version of 2N® IP Style has made the display API available to you. It really means we've enabled you to create your own graphical display interface. Let´s try it!

Download new OS version 2.37

Tips for you!

You can also customize your 2N® IP Style IP intercom without coding - using traditional settings in its web interface, and there are loads of possibilities!

  • Display in idle mode – you can choose from three modes. The first is Presentation mode, in which up to 8 images that you upload to the display will be displayed in sequence. The second is Logo mode, in which the company logo will appear on the display. The third is

  • Address mode, to which you can even add a time and weather display.

  • Language – you can also set the language of the texts on the display. Choose from a whopping 16 languages!

  • Home screen display – modifying the directory listing is very popular. You can choose between the classic design and large tile view, which is ideal for office buildings where multiple companies reside. In fact, you can display large company logos on the tiles.

But there's so much more! For a complete list, see the display setup manual.


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