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Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Let's open the door in 0.3 seconds with your mobile phone and Mobile Key app!

The 2N® Mobile Key application turns your mobile phone into an access card for passage through buildings. The application communicates with our selected 2N IP intercoms and access control units using NFC and Bluetooth technologies.

  • Mobile phone as an RFID card

  • Simple handling

  • Reliable functionality

What does mobile access solution involve?

  1. 2N® Mobile Key application installed on your phone (available for iOS and Android platforms and is free of charge)

  2. Bluetooth access control readers - 2N Access Unit 2.0 family

  3. 2N® IP Style or 2N® IP Verso intercoms with Bluetooth module

  4. Using of 2N® Access Commander software recommanded

Turn your mobile phone into an access card!


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