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  • Michelle


Discover easy integration, modern features and remote management of access from the FRONT DOOR to the GARAGE, then to LIFTS and residents’ APARTMENTS.

Secure access experience for residents, integrators and building managers:  

  1. Frictionless access via mobile (powered by WaveKey), QR code reading for quick and secure temporary credentials for visitors, and vehicle access solutions that include License Plate Reading 

  2. Everything is easy to integrate: not only within the 2N ecosystem, but also with third-party systems such as home automation brands, VMS, and security solutions

  3. Managed and configured remotely with cloud service the My2N Management Platform: - Set up calls from a 2N video intercom to an indoor station or mobile phone via the cloud. Remotely manage access rights. Deal with 4 out of 5 customer requests online. Configure devices from the comfort of your office


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