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SMART office access MANAGEMENT

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Our 2N® Access Commander is genial access control solution for an office, hospital or apartment building.

Key features:

  • setting up remotely intercoms and access control units

  • managing access to the building

  • monitoring the status of access control units in real time.

For example, an HR specialist can create a user and assign access rights after a 15-minute training session. The receptionist can manage visitor cards and the IT manager can change basic access rules.

"Attractive design, wide integration possibilities and a reputation as a leading IP intercom manufacturer were the decisive factors why we used 2N IP Vario for a "smart home" apartment building complex. As the customer wanted a centrally manager system for access control, 2N Access Commander was also implemeted."

Mart Voltri, CEO and Founder, Alarmeco AS


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